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    Benjamin Matvey
    Jun 10, 10:54pm

    I am utterly, passionately, carnally in love with my chosen home of many, many years Brooklyn, but for some reason I seem to always set my stories in places other than Brooklyn. Is that okay for the Brooklyner?

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    Ames John Gigounas
    Jun 10, 11:02pm

    Absolutely, Benjamin.

    We are Brooklynites, some of us; based here, proud of it, harboring conceit which contributes to a regional bias. But listen: YOU don't have to live here to submit. Nope, you mustn't write about Brooklyn. No, not imperative for your art to include Coney Island.

    We do like that stuff.

    We named ourselves The Brooklyner Literary Concern because this is where we work, where our dogs pee on the streets, where our kids ride bikes.

    Contributions are coming in from all over the world and we appreciate that diversity.

    You just send your best work.

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