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    Adam Sifre
    Mar 21, 03:22am

    But not me. I found an old book of poems from when I was 16 and don't remember any of them. Here's one (Originally called "Sad Reflections." Oy).

    by Adam Sifre

    Running from the hands of time.
    Desperate eyes search for escape.
    So many doors you never opened,
    Too many roads leading nowhere.

    The choice is yours, or so they say.
    But it rarely ever feels that way.
    Decisions narrow as the years slip by.
    You live out your life in the hurricane's eye.

    Never found time to look outside,
    just sat and watched as your dreams were fading.
    Now it's time to pay for the ride.
    Should have listened while the music was still playing.

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