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  • Juno.thumb
    Juno Verse
    Dec 18, 10:03am

    Maybe I'm too new to the group, but had this story to add about the music box:

    It’s been stored away in the cedar chest since my mother put it there in the early 60’s, well 1962 to be exact. She was a careful woman, but over these many years the bow has flattened, and the wind-up parts have corroded some from non-use. Oh, the many birthdays it visited--we brought it out with all the other presents, wound it up to hear the jaunty “Happy Birthday” tune tick out of the pile of presents and rub against the frosted cake. We all smiled and cheered to hear it on our special day, not ever realizing that like the spring-loaded song, life can stop suddenly.

    It’s not that the life went out of my mother when dad died, but she shifted away from reminders of what used to be. She tucked many things away. Now that she has passed, it is right to have this little package of cheer used again to mark the passing of a year, an age, a time that can never be again. It needs to chime in someone’s year and all the promise it brings, and laughter, and song. In her best moments mom would have wanted it that way, and let it move on.

  • Marcy.thumb
    Marcy Dermansky
    Dec 18, 11:55am

    Hey there Lynn. It's tricky, isn't it. Post the story first to fictionaut. And then, once it's published, you'll see a button on top of the page that says GROUP IT.

    Hope that works for you.

  • Juno.thumb
    Juno Verse
    Dec 18, 02:45pm

    clear enough, thanks

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