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    Rob Walker
    Nov 29, 04:29pm

    The first object offered for inspiration to this group: A music box that looks like a present. For pictures and even a short video of the object, go here: http://tinyurl.com/ykdfyaw

    Write a couple of paragraphs in which you attribute significance to this object -- in any voice or mode you like. Remember, this text will be posted to eBay, so it shouldn't be much longer than 500 words. Shorter is absolutely OK.

    Whatever you write and however you write it, the object should play an important role -- it should not be an afterthought. See earlier thread for Significant Objects tips.

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    Rob Walker
    Nov 30, 09:35am

    Two things in response to messaged questions:

    1. There is no "Made In" sticker or marking on the object.

    2. I guess I wasn't clear on this, but if you write an object from the group, post that story in the group.

    More questions? Please ask them here in this thread. Thanks!

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    Sari Cunningham
    Dec 19, 07:09pm

    Hi all,

    I just posted my contribution to the music box challenge, and would love to get feedback.


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