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    Rob Walker
    Nov 29, 02:00pm

    Soon we’ll be offering up objects here as inspiration -- we'll start with one and take it from there.

    It’s our hope that the Fictionaut community will turn at least one object into a Significant Object, to be published on our site, and on eBay, as part of Volume 2 of our project. (Proceeds from Volume 2 object auctions will be donated to 826 National Details on our site.)

    Meanwhile, with more than 100 object-inspired stories behind us, we have some tips for those who join in:

    1. Remember that the object will be sold on eBay. This means its story ought to be relatively short (500 words or fewer is best) and should ideally avoid language that might get us booted from that site.

    2. Please don't make direct reference to the fact that the object is being sold on eBay, or mention the penny that appears in the photo for scale; in other words, the story's plot/etc. should be independent of the project's context.

    3. It is probably best to avoid a scenario involving going through the leftover artifacts of a dead person. That’s been done a number of times, in a number of ways. While we’ve been happy with all variations on that notion that we have published, the bar has gone up on this approach.

    4. It may also be best to avoid a scenario in which the object is cursed in such a way that everyone who comes into contact with it dies unpleasantly. For reasons similar to above.

    Questions? Just ask. Comments? Happy to hear 'em.

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