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    Laura Ellen Scott
    Sep 10, 09:41am

    how obnoxious is it for me to hit up my flashy-microid friends to write flash-length essays/lectures about very short fiction for my advanced undergrad workshop?

    Scott Garson wrote me something a couple years back for my juniors, and it's still pretty good, but this time I want to create a set of statements by hotshots with links to two or three of their own works.

    these students are quite sophisticated, willing to try anything, but their main exposure to contemporary work comes from the Best American series.

    cheers, please don't throw things at me.


  • Daviderlewine.thumb
    David Erlewine
    Sep 10, 10:37am

    I'd be honored to write something/whore my work out there. I haven't done either before, but I'm willing to try.

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