Discussion → "The Joys of Christian Sex"

  • Garson2.thumb
    Scott Garson
    Jan 03, 04:00pm

    don't know quite what to say about this one...


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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 03, 05:23pm

    Scott, I have wondered whether Christians coupling use prayer to bless the deed, joining the rest of us, yet in a loftier creed. This story says it all.

    Has anyone read about the law that went into effect on Jan. 1 banning blasphemy in Ireland? I wonder if this would fly there?

  • Me2.thumb
    Elizabeth Hegwood
    Jan 03, 07:10pm

    What, huh? ALL blasphemy? That would be world peace, wuddn't it? 'Cept for the imprisonment part.

  • Tux.thumb
    Gary Percesepe
    Jan 03, 07:12pm

    i kept waiting for bush's little dog to show up?

  • Fictionaut.thumb
    Meg Pokrass
    Jan 12, 01:44am

    i just threw up.

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