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    Veronica Purcell
    Jun 24, 07:21am

    With science fiction/Fantasy elements added into so many mystery type shows, it's almost as if the whole two genres needs a re-defining of sorts. I'm talking about shows such as Warehouse 13, Scooby-Doo, and books such as Harry Potter.

    Of course there are sub-catagories of these too monolithic genres but when one story can be labelled as a "scifi, dark fantasy meets Mystery Machine and Nancy Drew type characters", it then becomes plain confusing.

    Don't mind me. I'm just nattering on to myself I guess. Sort of like Matt DeVirgiliis's "I Beat Myself at Chess" story (which I recommend a read by the way).

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    H-M Brown
    Jun 25, 11:32am

    I guess that could attributed to the popularity of cop/detective shows, hospital shows, and 'bleh' reality shows. And because of this popularity, TV executives will pound them into the ground, including fusing them with SciFi/Fantasy (Ghost Whisperer anyone), until viewers grow tired of these genres. Which looks very unlilkely in the future. We could take this fusion all the way back to Automan in the 1980's.

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