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    Replacement Press
    Oct 12, 11:03am

    Hey all,

    Thanks so much for joining. I've been thinking a little bit about some things that we can do with this group, and since this is a community I thought I'd ask you all. Here are some of the ideas I had:

    -Mini writing contests about topics relating to next-generation/culturally-relevant lit. Prizes: being a guest writer on our blog, exposure, people thinking you're a smart person, etc.
    -Full-blown fiction writing contests. Prizes: publication by RP.
    -For us: a place to discover up-and-coming young writers. For you: a place to be discovered.

    Do any/all/none of these interest you?

    Thanks again. Tell your friends.

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    Andrew Bowen
    Oct 12, 11:10pm

    These all sound good, Andrew. A question or two though...

    With the writing contests, what sort of medium are we talking? Replacement is focused on longer works, so were you planning on having novel-length contests? Otherwise I'm not sure how shorter works would pan out, unless you're thinking short story collections.

    Do you only want fiction?

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    Replacement Press
    Oct 13, 04:07pm

    We'd probably do a writing contest if we decided to do a young writers anthology or something like that. At this point we're just brainstorming.

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    Ben White
    Oct 15, 05:10pm

    Yeah, all interesting. And there are various ways to host a contest too that could suit your mission. It wouldn't have to just be send us your best short story. Potentially interesting compilations could materialize out of a good theme or concept.

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