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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 31, 06:13am

    We can share, learn from, support each other if we can find each other's work.

    Therefore I suggest that if we do a performance, vid, audio or whatever that we would like to share here that we post a link under this discussion thread.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 31, 06:20am

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 31, 08:02am

    GO, i loved this vid "directions". ms flawnt who listened to it doing something else vaguely present in the same room (my specialty: i don't have my own room in our flat. i have an office, which is lovely but far away so i end up writing anywhere in the house, mostly in ms flawnt's studio, which is why her being the muse works so well), said: "why is he doing that?" and i answered: "why, he's warming up his brain, of course". "of course", she said.

    i think this is SO cool and creative. can't get over it or believe how fascinating i found every second of that vid! interesting how your public persona morphs into something else as you go along. you almost seem to forget the camera at times and then i did, too.

    i need to get myself a full face mask to be able to emulate the ambience of your vids. dracula perhaps, or simply a pig. yes, a pig.

    have a great new year's eve, thanks, (and) GO!

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 31, 08:14am

    all my stuff on vid etc without the pig face mask is here:


    some of the vids imported from my youtube channel (which however tends to screw up the upload at times), or via facebook. i'd like to also use a straight podcast application/channel provider but i havent found one yet...

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    Lou Godbold
    Dec 31, 08:27pm

    Here you go, friends!

    Another attempt at this video lark, this time with a chapter from my book, 'I Faint at Needles (and other reasons I shouldn't have married a heroin addict). Given the subject matter, you'll be surprised and relieved that it is slightly less somber than my previous effort!


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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 31, 09:01pm

    Lou: I hope that you do more of these extracts.

    Before I met my wife I lived with a woman who had spent four years in Bellevue (mental hospital) for heroin use. Her father was Dean of the Columbia Univ. law school and a bit pushy about some things. When we lived together she was clean, but she certainly had other problems.

    She was a color field painter which means that she would take a large canvas and spend days putting red paint on it with a small brownish red smudge in one corner. I was often in trouble for not quite having the appropriate sensitivity to relate to the brownish red smudge, or to remark how I had caught it lingering there all on my own.

    Finnegan: I like pigs. You may also consider an Iroquois mask -- http://jenssannerud.com/doctor_m.jpg

    Every time that I listen to your voice I am impressed and inspired.


    I very much like that we each take the world with the tools and our lives as they are and we hone them to our individual expressions. I delight in the multiplicity of inventions and the diversity of voices.

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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 01, 10:45am

    Reading from XAM: Paragraph Series (Xexoxial Editions, 2005) in Sunday Salon Series, January 20, 2008 at Stain Bar in Brooklyn:


    XAM: Paragraph Series at Xexoxial Editions (free download available):


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    Lou Godbold
    Jan 01, 08:01pm

    Now I feel like I've met you!

    Thank you, Ann.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 02, 05:52am

    Ann: Real good material. I am very much enjoying reading and listening. More, please.

    Finnegan: We have an affinity of interest in Jungian psychology. Here, I'm not sure if playing with masks works for me, but this mask play is due to your inspiration: Orgrease Crankbait: vid: The Long Call http://bit.ly/4JB0JF

    I need to figure out how to strip audio off of the video. I want to then edit the audio and patch it back to the video. I am getting close to having that figured out.

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    Angela Brett
    Jan 02, 12:33pm

    All of my original videos are here:


    There are three that feature my own writing. One is a simple video of my reading (and to some extent, acting out) a poem I wrote about a fork who is in love with a pair of tongs:


    One is a short story I made by stitching together sentences each inspired by an eight of diamonds playing card. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but the playing cards made it easy to make a video:


    And the most recent one is a time-lapse video of my cleaning my room, with a rhyming voice-over to fit the video. I only published this yesterday and have already noticed a missing rhyme:


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    Sam Rasnake
    Jan 02, 07:17pm

    Outstanding thread, Gabriel.

    And Meg, this is such a great group idea. Thanks for starting it.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 03, 05:38am

    Angela: I love the fork and tongs... it will stick w/ me from now on when I barbie -- are you familiar with Limited Fork Theory? Limited Fork Theory by forkergirl http://bit.ly/7z9G1m (my personal tendency is toward a Limited Spork Theory -- but take the time to listen to the extremely long audio by Thylias Moss on the Why Fork page). You can make Products of Acts of Making (POAMS) with it, once you figure out what it is. Good luck, but fun to try just the same. Limited Fork Theory Development Practicum (English 414) | Opened Practices http://bit.ly/4GTmqm

    Rhyme-lapse: Localised Entropy Decrease I very much enjoyed. Last night I informed my wife that I have a hankering to read a particular author's book, if only I can find it in the house. I warned her so that she would know why for the next few days I will be re-arranging stacks of books. For her not to feel compelled to get excited, like when the car keys are missing. She had heard thumping noises when she was working in the kitchen and wondered if it was something falling on the roof of the house. So the conversation came up that I have always related to a photo of Walt Whitman, or at least an image in my mind, of him in a room with a table covered in a mess of papers... thus it has been revealed that I have a Walt Whitman complex but not for his more nobler traits of poesy.

    I also enjoyed the Eight of Diamonds: "The butterfly does not know what we have called him, he just lives." I would like to know if I can quote you on that line.

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    Angela Brett
    Jan 03, 07:43am

    Thanks for the comments. I hadn't heard of Limited Fork, and after poking at that website for a while I haven't figured out what it is. Navigating that site is like playing some kind of puzzle game, where the reward for finishing a level is a tarot reading.

    Beware of re-arranging books. The worst thing about putting everything where it was meant to be in my apartment is that I could no longer pretend I had almost enough bookshelves. Now the books are crammed so tightly, vertically and horizontally, in my bookcases that I can't take one out without a whole substructure collapsing.

    You can certainly quote that line; the story is licensed Creative Commons by-nc-sa, and in any case, I think people are allowed to quote lines without worrying about things like that. I'd be honoured.

    I just listened to Lou's reading... excellent choice of where to end it, now I want the next chapter. :)

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 03, 08:13am

    Angela: My take on Limited Fork Theory is that it is a whole lot of obfuscant whoopla that a Creative Writing educator has assembled as a 'platform' from which to justify a niche for them to continue to receive students that like to do funny stuff on the internet like make vids and read poetry or draw pictures or sculpt clay and that don't worry that they never finish anything or that it goes off into the general ether and thus the teacher is certified to get a pay check. Though I would like to be fair in that impression I can't resist thinking about writing a parody, How to Inflate the Ego in Three Easy Tines. It reminds me of Autobiography of a Pebble (a book that I have around here somewhere -- and yes, I know that arranging books can be dangerous).

    The fork begins at the spline then branches off and the limited is that the tines end. It could as easily be called the Stumpy Tree Theory, or the Missing Toes After I Dropped the Machete Theory. But my pointing you there was not out of an impulse of torture, but an expectation your sense of humor would find something of it... not sure what of it myself. I enjoy reading long winded crackpot theories, the more blown out and all-encompassing the better. Regardless, there may be some interesting material that comes out of this Limited Fork Theory vortex and maybe possibly relevant to the sharing here.

    I will certainly use your quote and I will make sure whenever in whichever year I get done with the body of the frame to let you know where it is that I do that. It fits in so admirably with the theory of the 'butterfly effect'.

    Thank you.

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    Angela Brett
    Jan 03, 11:51am

    Thank Goodness, I thought it looked like a load of nonsense and was afraid I was missing something, since you must have pointed me there for a reason. I like the name a lot and there's a lot of potential for puns and parodies. Alanis Morissette's ironic version would be The Unlimited Spoon Theory, whereas The Matrix has only a Nonexistent Spoon Theory. I've heard theories and even a song about the inevitability of spoons and/or forks disappearing from office kitchens.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 04, 02:19am

    wow...this thread's heating up. i like it!

    @GO i watched the LONG CALL with you in your mask...eerie. you even thought of the mascara under the mask. it's a little scary, you know. i might turn down the iroquois mask suggestion but i will look around for something, well, worthy. for some transgressive reason (not to be analyzed) i love those venetian masks ... gold and glitter.

    on stripping audio off video, try this: http://bit.ly/5oO8kY

    i've finally dug in the podcasting business (since i rarely make vids, there's no use in sticking to youtube): http://bit.ly/5kVpLi - it's simply enough. i record using QuickTime, upload the file to my blog (which is WordPress & i use the "podpress" plugin which is fantastic) - voila.

    must check out angela's recordings...this week as soon as i've beaten work into a submissive p(r)ose.

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    Andrew Bowen
    Jan 04, 06:35am

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 04, 07:07am

    @Finnegan: Who would want a mask that does not have the potential of scary? I shun analysis and would likewise shun analyzing.

    I would much rather have an inspiring audio any day than a vid. My personal preference is to hear the voice.

    That said, it was in my encouraging Meg to make more vids that I kinda felt I can't be pushy in my support of her work unless I am willing to get into the mess myself. In for a penny.

    The first hurdle I had in stripping audio from vids is that I had maxed out capacity on my hard drives, and it did not help that I have two external hard drives that decided to die on the same day... it was my fault that I had a bright idea to clean up my desk.

    I will look into the reference that you give.

    In the mean time as with you I need to get on to a week of business.

    @Angela We can take it to Gelatin Theory meets Spork Theory?

    You have made me feel compelled to go about and photograph the stacks of books, stacks as in piles that go vertical, and some of them seem to be horizontal, in our house.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 04, 10:53am

    @angela wonderful videos, angela. fork and tong is amazing. this is (obviously) much more than just reading out loud, you're getting into deep digital art waters here (i'll watch you from the shore as your ship disappears)...it's obvious you're having fun, too, which is inspiring to say the least.

    @andrew great - i dreamed of doing this with a hood over my face...it fits the divinedirtquarterly theme & 'whet' by david erlewine is a great read (you need a better mike though or perhaps not use youtube? i've noticed similar deteriorating sound quality before).

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 05, 06:37am

    i'm excited: my podcasts are now also available for free download via iTunes at http://bit.ly/54ivYl - will add more as i go along.

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