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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 06, 10:25am

    @finnegan, super kool!

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 15, 07:33am

    made a podcast reading sheldon lee compton's marvelous "The Body Ricardo" (published by metazen - http://www.metazen.ca/?p=1263

    podcast: http://bit.ly/4SBXrs

    new: i played some of my own music (piano improvisation), too. sorry for the quality - playing engenders heavy breathing on the part of the player. glenn gould knew all about that. he even hummed.

    i wonder if i need my own jingle.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Jan 16, 06:32pm

    this is great Mr. Flawnt. Smart, smart!!!

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 23, 05:22am

    convert vid to paired text

    This is a pretty cool service that you can take a vid and have an automatic transcript made of it (requires some editing) and then as the vid plays the text is yellow highlighted... and you can skip through the vid by clicking on lines of the text.

    I picked it up from a reference by Aya Karpinska at Big Other (Video Two Ways)http://bit.ly/55atai

    example: Home Pharmacy http://bit.ly/55c8H3

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 23, 09:23am

    neat, gabriel, thanks for the link to 'speakertext'. i looked at the sample vid, an interview of marc andreessen on the charlie rose show: he looks OLD (marc does). i used to know him back in the first days of the web and he was an uncool nerd then, and he still is an uncool nerd now. this guy knows how to code...he does, somehow, not instill confidence in social media. sorry, off on a rant here as my sabbatical is coming up and i have to pick a research topic. i was actually thinking about social media and in particular creating an online literary magazine and making it BIG.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 24, 12:14pm

    Finnegan: Big, social media and literary magazine all trigger positive background interest on my part. I will be curious to see your white paper.

    Due to your comment I watched all of the Andreesen-Rose interview. Whenever I see a parallel between what I call a Henry Ford syndrome -- someone who has figured out how to accumulate wealth from scale and then in turn gets into social engineering, or politics and social influence then I get a bit antsy. It is something to do with the sense of their projecting a rightness, or personal confidence in their moral perspective that comes across as validated by their luck, and the attendant temptation of hubris. There can be worse than Andreesen, but I also feel that the Henry Ford syndrome is tempered by the increased accessibility of competing perspectives that comes through social networks. Where Henry Ford could be seen to tower above the working masses, Andreesen is one individual of several. When he gets to waving his hands around as he talks I feel more comfortable, but anyone who expresses that the future of humanity is off in space puts me slightly on edge. If we were hanging a bronze gate I would quickly tell Andreesen to go inside the coffee shop and read a newspaper -- we will come find you later.

    On another note, I find the mechanisms of the Ning social networks to be incredibly difficult to navigate and that they tend to put me off from wanting to interface with anyone through them. For the last 13 years I have cultivated a small listserv with a global subscription, and though there are problems with that form of media I find the social network much more human and fluid and accessible than anything that I have run across w/ Ning. [We tried to get the subscribers to move to a web-based forum several years ago and the active majority simply did not, and would not move.]

    I do find Google Wave interesting, and useful as a tool, but one drawback is the very core aspect that it is so totally open and malleable that the initial response is one to cause a new user to freeze.

    You may also want to consider what Zoetrope has done as a social literary media, and what it has not done in so far as a potential business model that the owners have never picked up on or realized.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Jan 25, 08:38am

    GO, thank you for your thoughts - thanks to many comments here, i finally found zoetrope - have you used it?

    i'm since recently involved in a bulletin board for writers (phpBoard, very simple, sweet) elsewhere. also, of course, i'm quite active in second life (since 2007) which i love - it's not rational. i use something similar to Ning, called mixxt, to create communities on the fly, but of course, you don't just do that, it takes years to build trust in technology, people, content etc. and in the end, even in a group of 1000 there'll be the same 50 driving most of it.

    haven't looked at wave a lot. i'm not much of a surfer dude.

    gosh that andreessen guy. (rant)

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Jan 25, 03:09pm

    FF: My Zoetrope use goes back to 2000, possibly earlier than that as I remember a glitch early on that I had to reset everything. My Zoetrope use nowadays is mostly limited to spending time in a few private offices. On occasion I get into spates of doing reviews but it gets tiresome after a while. If you do the member finder thing you can see me. Yes, social networks require humans.

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    Angela Brett
    Feb 14, 08:27pm

    For Valentine's Day, I recorded myself reading my poem 'Love Letters' (I would have recorded 'Chemistry' which I posted for the Valentine's Day challenge, but I didn't have the props.) You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hmRIs9rSvk

    It's not entirely a happy poem, so may not be the best for Valentine's Day, but I'm single, so what do I care? :P

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    Michael Dickes
    Mar 11, 10:31pm

    Hey Meg,

    Well here's my first shot at it


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    Michael Dickes
    Mar 13, 06:44pm

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    Bill Yarrow
    Apr 27, 09:12pm

    Reading my poem "The Grave of Rimbaud" from WRENCH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9bKRbvZc18


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