Discussion → Oy! So many GREAT stories available!

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    Meg Pokrass
    May 17, 11:38am

    Wow. I am impressed by the quality of the produce here at this new farmer's market!

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    Ramon Collins
    May 18, 04:14pm

    Meg, you're a driving, creative force in Cyberland. I'm glad The Force is with us!

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    Meg Pokrass
    May 21, 01:45pm

    thank you Ramon!

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 06, 09:29am

    I'm not in the habit of self promotion, but I think that this group could use some good news.

    Two of the stories I've posted here have been chosen for publication in e-zines with my permission. One has already been published and one should appear next month.

    I'm not very active with 'flash' fiction, since my passion is for novels, but I think Meg has done everyone a service to put this group together. There are some magnificent pieces here and I believe that the concept is not only sound, but viable for both the editors and the writers on FN.

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    Ann Bogle
    Jul 06, 10:57am

    James, ditto. One of the stories I added to this group, "Inaccrochable," will appear in Wigleaf in the fall.

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    marci stillerman
    Jul 08, 11:21am

    I love this group and am proud to be part of it! I love your stories and am anxious to show you my best. Marci Stillerman

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    See ya
    Jul 16, 10:38am

    As a person who picks good words for the online journal A-Minor, I just wanted to say that I picked up a story here that will be published on July 26. I leave the rest to mystery.

    Also, it's my favorite place to come and squeeze maters and tap on watermelons and let string beans run through my fingers. A wonderful market of wonders.

    Yes, Meg, you have a gift for creating communities of all kinds. You just have gifts, Meg, and generous nature for sharing them. Thanks.

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    Ann Bogle
    Nov 01, 05:54pm

    I'd like to add a story or two to this group that were published in the past by magazines that are no longer running and whose archives are unavailable on the internet. One was a print magazine without archives.

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