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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 20, 05:45pm

    The opposition is well organized and believes that they have all the cards. In terms of the media, they have years of experiencing attacking liberal and progressive organizations and individuals. The Koch Bros. are practically throwing money at anyone willing to take up the cause of Wall Street. If you plan to get involved as a writer, my advice to you is old advice, "Know thy enemy, know thyself. A hundred battles, a hundred victories.

    You should see this video:


    If you plan to write something in solidarity with OWS, be clear and be sympatico. Know what OWS is about and plead their cause. This is not about us as writers, but about justice and equality.

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    J. Mykell Collinz
    Nov 21, 02:09pm

    MSNBC's Chris Hayes presented this information very well. Excellent video. Thanks, James.

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