Discussion → Does someone want to take over the group?

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 20, 04:28pm

    I'm going back to my novel. If anyone wants to take over the group here, I'll be glad to make them an administrator.

    Just let me know.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 23, 05:07am

    I'll be pretty much absent for a while, but if you message me here, I'll make anyone who wants the job an administrator.

    Adios y Dios te bendiga.

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    J. Mykell Collinz
    Nov 23, 02:03pm

    What does an administrator do? I'd like to see this group continue.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 25, 10:45pm

    In case nobody noticed the post on the Forum, J. Mykell Collinz has taken over here as administrator. Thanks, J.!

    I'll be away writing my novel and seeing if I can get in trouble elsewhere on the net with OWS. If anyone in the vicinity of Cleveland/Akron wants to get serious with Occupy, you can message me here.

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