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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 15, 01:41pm

    Following the middle of the night raid on OWS protesters at Zuccotti park, a judge has issued a restraining order in favor of the protesters.

    They plan to return, but there is a hearing in a couple of hours that will decide whether or not their protest can continue.

    It will continue regardless, but if the city decides to use legal means to prevent it, there will likely be violent confrontations.

    You can sign a petition to Mayor Bloomberg asking him to allow the protest to continue at:


  • Frankie Saxx
    Nov 16, 03:49am

    It angers me that we would even think we should have to petition Bloomberg to allow the exercise of First Amendment rights.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 16, 04:34am

    Anger is a good thing. It moves people.

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