Discussion → If All Fans of NOÖ Journal Were To Get Breakfast Together, What Would You Order From Where

  • Mike.thumb
    Mike Young
    Oct 06, 08:11pm

    I would order a caramelized onion/Applewood smoked bacon/fontina omlete from Morning Glory in Ashland, Oregon.

  • Garson2.thumb
    Scott Garson
    Oct 07, 12:41am

    probably the homemade hot sausage and eggs thing from Zachary's in Santa Cruz. Tho i'd have to go back in time to get that because the sausage was secret-recipe and the guy they got it from died suddenly, without leaving notes....

  • Photo_14.thumb
    P. H. Madore
    Oct 11, 05:13pm

    Leftover pizza from a lover's fridge, I suppose, dropping toppings on my polo shirt as I showed up late to the gathering with a retard grin and no friends.

  • Img_1235.thumb
    Adam Robinson
    Oct 13, 04:12pm

    Like, coffeecake from my mom's.

  • Mike.thumb
    Mike Young
    Oct 19, 11:44pm

    My mom makes a great dish called Rise And Shine that involves bits of English muffin, sausage, egg, some onion and pepper flakes I think?

  • 100_1811.thumb
    Dan Tricarico
    Jan 06, 05:05pm

    I would order the two egg dish with eggs over medium, a slab of ham, a mess of hashed brown potatoes, sourdough toast with real butter (toasted well, crispy, but not burnt), and a hot cup of coffee (three sugars no cream) from The Edgewater Grill that sits, predictably, at the edge of the water at Seaport Village, in my hometown of San Diego, California.

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