Discussion → 1 or 2 New Yorkers sought for offline workshop in Queens

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    Benjamin Chadwick
    Dec 15, 04:02pm

    Fiction Writers of Queens (FWOQ) is a small, informal fiction workshop currently consisting of five suffering young writers. We send work via e-mail, then gather to discuss it and to drink. Our goal is to improve our work and our discipline, and to discuss issues affecting fiction, publishing, and art. FWOQ meets every other Tuesday night (usually) at a bar in Long Island City. Our primary focus is on short stories.

    We are looking for one or two new members to round out our numbers. To apply to join, please e-mail fwoqueens@gmail.com with a brief bio and a sample of your fiction (or a link to it). It's not that we're so lofty that we deserve an admissions process, it's just that we can't take everyone who might be interested (assuming anyone actually is)-- we're really trying to top it off at no more than seven, for practical reasons.

    My apologies for the double post to the main board and this one.

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