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    Kevin Myrick
    Mar 26, 01:42pm

    David and Shelagh,

    Loving these stories and writing them. But I was wondering if maybe a quick guide of common threads to use throughout the stories (i.e. common character names, settings, instruments played) might be a bad idea.

    I left the first one kind of open ended, but wonder now if that was a mistake.


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    Shelagh Power-Chopra
    Mar 27, 05:17pm

    Oh, Kevin, sorry for the late reply. David just brought in the names, Paddy (Patrick), Liam, Roddy and who else? Can't remember, so i just followed suit. So people can use or not, band members come and go as you know..Maybe you can make up who plays what? Or does that limit people?

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    David Ackley
    Mar 28, 01:44pm


    Sorry be late to this. My thinking, if I can call something so loose that, was that over the years there would have been many Rowdies, who as Shelagh says, come and go. I think we're talking anarchy here as opposed to consistency, which is to say anything goes for a good laugh. Or even a mediocre laugh.

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    David Ackley
    Mar 28, 01:46pm

    "Sorry be late???" I knew I shouldn't have taken that horse tranquilizer.

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    Kevin Myrick
    Mar 31, 08:04am

    David, you should know better than to ever take anything the Rowdies give you...

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