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    Steven Seighman
    Oct 28, 11:38am

    One of the things Monkeybicycle believes very strongly in is community. I think it's important for small presses and journals to stick together in order to thrive. That's why I've started trying to include inserts and collateral materials for as many other literary endeavors as I can when sending out Monkeybicycle orders. So, my offer is to happily include any promotional materials your journal or small press might have when I start filling orders for the upcoming issue of Monkeybicycle. All you need to do is email me at steven@monkeybicycle.net and we can work out the details. I don't ask for anything in return; I just want to hip Monkeybicycle readers to all the other great literature out there.

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    Dave Clapper
    Oct 30, 11:23pm

    I love that you do this. We don't have any materials, but maybe it's about time we started thinking about creating some.

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    Steven Seighman
    Oct 31, 10:48am

    When you get them, send them my way Dave!

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    Cynthia Reeser
    Nov 10, 08:36pm

    Generous, indeed. Thank you for your support.

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