Discussion → What do you like most about MHR?

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    Carol Novack
    Apr 09, 07:17pm

    And what would you like to see that isn't there?

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    Kane X. Faucher
    Apr 10, 09:26am

    MHR already does so much in terms of promoting indie presses, emergent authors, and using transmedia in its aural/visual/textual mix that it would be difficult to conjure up anything more that MHR "ought" to do. It's mandate and rubrics are defined, its mission clear.

    Perhaps - and this is a very tentative and lightly applied perhaps - MHR could incorporate more user-generated content participation (UGCP) and host a live authorial collaboration event. It sounds a bit hokey now that I articulatype it out, but a LiveWriting event would be interesting. The gist of the idea would be that MHR would designate a particular time period on a particular day where a) any and all authors could contribute to a burgeoning exquisite corpse, or "game of consequences", by adding a line in a live collabo work, and maybe b) having a LiveChat with some of the published writers in the newest MHR to field questions, comments, etc from readers.

    Again, these suggestions probably sound silly.

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    Carol Novack
    Aug 21, 01:50pm

    Kane, I think that the idea of a collaborative event is good, but I don't have the technological know-how or money to pay someone to pull it off. What might, instead, work, would be a newsletter generating collaborative interactions, an ongoing series of collaborations without rules. I now belong to a newsletter that generates interactive responses, but not in all cases. But, but ... the writing newsletters seem to mostly spring from academic institutions, such as University of Buffalo, and I have no such connections. Without academic backing, the project might pose technological difficulties for me.

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