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    Carol Novack
    Dec 21, 07:21pm

    We're gearing up to publishing Version 1 of the massive Mash issue -- any day now!

    Our open submissions period will commence on Jan. 1st and terminate the 31st, PST. If you'd like to submit to Issue 12, due to emerge Jan 2011, please check the sub guidelines, which I hope will be up by the 28th.

    Looking forward!

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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 04, 04:24pm

    Visit Mad Hatters' Review to hear the music and read, then follow this link:


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    Susan Gibb
    Jan 04, 05:02pm

    Ann, I submitted a couple days ago but I'm not sure it went through because there was no "confirmation" and after it seemed to be accepted, it just went back to the submission form page. Is that the norm?

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    Ann Bogle
    Jan 04, 05:21pm

    Susan, yes, and your submission is in queue.

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