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    Craig Snyder
    Oct 29, 09:08am

    A hypertext I designed for Kenji Siratori's 'End Fraction' @ Rumble Magazine:


    Hypertexts are cool and I would certainly consider publishing interesting hypertexts @ Rumble Magazine.

    Good idea for a group!

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    Susan Gibb
    Oct 29, 12:08pm

    Wow--didn't even realize that Rumble Magazine existed so you've already added much to this forum.

    Just got a chance to briefly start 'End Fraction' and will spend more time on it and Rumble later tonight.

    I'm a newbie at hypertext, but have just written over 100 of them this past summer as part of a project (so obviously, they're not the greatest without editing some more) just to learn and practice thinking in hypertext as a writer. My simplest piece consists of two nodes; two characters, conflict, dialogue, tension, with repetition of the same confrontational sentences that serve to escalate the drama. It's complete oversimplification, yet nothing but hypertext could serve to give the story this element completely at the mercy of the reader. More an exercise in form, hypertext at its simplest.

    Glad you joined; hope we have others who may be interested in exploring this medium.

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