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    AJ Lowell
    Mar 11, 07:14am

    I get equally upset with secularists debating religion, as I do with Christians discussing science.

    I've noticed many atheists are completely satisfied with science replacing faith in their lives...It answers all of their questions and they're content with those answers...They reach a state of homeostasis and in-effect they are philosophically starved and in the end most forget how to just be good citizens.

    Christians however, suffer by zealously placing labels of good and evil on so many things they forget to stop and just marvel at the beauty in the world around them...In this state of homeostasis, Christians are so locked in their church's dated interpretation of the universe, they end up threatened by themselves. So embroiled are they in sin, temptation, and communal accountability they just miss the human experience.

    This is the twenty-first century. We need the moral philosophy of Judeo-Christian values for a healthy citizenry and at the same time we need citizens capable making great leaps in logic and imagination.

    This can only happen if both find some redeeming value...in the other. The Mitosean model suggests that all things divide in order to grow...We are divided alright. Now we need balance. Both camps have a myopic view of the world.

    A better understanding of both will bring with it about a "Stereoscopic" view

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