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    Andrew O. Dugas
    Oct 28, 10:58am

    I've published Permanent Record, a long short story (but not so long as to qualify as a novella) on Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/21415975/Permanent-Record

    This story was originally published in Unlikely Stories 2.0 in 2006.

    While I couldn't bring myself to self-publish a work that hadn't been vetted by an anonymous third-party editor (the programming runs that deep), I also could stand the idea of this short, one of my personal faves, to languish in the recesses of the Internet.

    So far 1650+ "reads" ("read" = "click", I think) and 108 PDF downloads. It's free, so don't get too excited.

    Some writer friends have asked me about this and I am thinking about becoming an e-publisher that focuses on reprinting work so it can reach new readers. I have the tools and have already reused the same template to prep more files.

    The question is whether or not to charge. The minimum charge on Scribd is a buck. It doesn't seem like a lot, but I've already asked one writer about her luck when she started charging. Result? Not one taker! I'm polling others to see how their experiences have been.

    Any thoughts on the subject?


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    Andrew O. Dugas
    Oct 29, 10:26am

    Permanent Record has been nicely reviewed in the San Francisco Examiner.

    Check it out at:

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