Discussion → What aspects of family relations do you explore in your stories/poems?

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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 01, 03:48am

    Family is at the core of my own most serious writing about the Holocaust's impact on my own family. I also spent over 25 years working as a family psychotherapist so I've absorbed a lot about how other families function through crises. I keep coming back to family relations as a theme in my own work. I was curious how other writers conceptualize their own connection to family issues explored in their writing.

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    Bobbi Lurie
    Aug 01, 05:30pm

    I have been trying to answer this question since yesterday...am still trying...

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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 01, 11:33pm

    The stories I sent to the group, "Rule Out Euthymia" and "The Sitzer" seem unrelated to my family of origin, yet both are about how families respond to members who have fledged, geographical distance, personal autonomy, psychiatric supposition or addiction-based religion, life, work, and education. The responses in these stories do not imitate or match those of my family to those things. Fiction not about "me." I have one older brother, one younger sister, a beloved mother, parents who stayed married until my beloved father died 20 years ago, in Minnesota, where I lived in one house with my family until I was 18 and went to college in Madison. I lived with my mother in the family's second house for twelve years, beginning 16 years after I left and until about five years ago. I live alone again, for the second time in an apartment on Kipling, first Street then Ave. Minnetonka, Madison, Binghamton, New York, Houston, St. Louis Park.

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