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  • Raven.thumb
    Andrew Bowen
    Aug 30, 10:57pm

    So, if we're gonna make up a genre for the ease of perusal at your local book store, I suppose we ought to define just what Theological Fiction (or "TheoLit") is. Someone take a shot.

  • Me_011.thumb
    Jennifer L. Lopez
    Aug 31, 12:02pm

    Good question Andrew... I think one thing it's NOT (in my opinion) is inspirational fiction. That already has its own niche. I think it's more about exploration than delineation.

  • Michaeljsolender-headshot1.thumb
    Michael J. Solender
    Aug 31, 12:30pm

    I'm with Jennifer on this and while I certainly don't mind being inspired, I think Theolit can serve to raise issues, make arguments, question prevailing thought and help its readers and writers come to fertile ground between religion, culture and the society in which we live.

  • Raven.thumb
    Andrew Bowen
    Aug 31, 01:51pm

    These are great observations, and I agree. What troubles most folks about religion in general is the rigidity with which its borders are defined. With art, no such line exists. Once we begin to see the world's religions as a literary tool of expression itself, things look a little brighter. Take William Blake's paintings or anyone out of the Renaissance; what would humanity imagine God or angels to look like had it not been for these artists?

    Because Gods, gods, godesses, etc. are undefined...art, in this arena, is inexhaustive.

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