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    Gloria Mindock
    Feb 06, 07:32pm

    Cervena Barva Press Announces a New Poetry Book "White As Silver"
    by Rane Arroyo

    White As Silver

    December, how easily you
    dissolve this sad shining day.
    It's just dense snowflakes melting
    on my expensive boots.

    Storm warning—a theater of
    cold is on tour from Utah and
    I loved there beore I knew
    the below-the-waist was mine.

    I'm my own home. Icy clouds are
    eclipses, white as silver. Snowmen
    refuse to believe himans are their
    creators. Taxis don't know where

    Paradise is, should be. I know
    that this opaque city will shine.
    I was unknown when with you.
    Soon, there's tinsel and eggnog.

    This is Rane Arroyo’s eleventh published book of poetry. Additionally, he published a book of fiction (How to Name a Hurricane) and selected plays (Dancing at Funerals). Arroyo has been translated and published internationally; he has also won many awards including the Carl Sandburg Prize in Poetry, the John Ciardi Prize and an Ohio Arts Council Excellence Award, among others. An openly gay, Puerto Rican and Midwestern author, Arroyo’s work has been well received by many constituencies, including the Affrilachian Poets. Arroyo was co-founder and co-publisher of New Sins Press. A creative writing professor at The University of Toledo, Arroyo was named Distinguished University Professor shortly prior to his untimely death on May 7, 2010. He leaves behind a plethora of unpublished works—poetry, plays, versions of memoirs and even a rumored novel.

    Order online at http://www.thelostbookshelf.com/cervenabooks.html

    White As Silver



    Send check or money order payable to:
    Cervena Barva Press
    P.O. Box 440357,
    W. Somerville, MA 02144-3222
    e-mail: editor@cervenabarvapress.com

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