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    "My Soul Still A Virgin"
    by Gulnar Ali Balata

    Cover painting by Ghada Habib

    Gulnar Ali Balata was born in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1974. She is the author of two books of poems, Luna and Twelve Months (Hawar Press, 2006) and Song of the Sad Ruins (Hawar Press, 2008) published in Duhok, Iraq. Gulnar has had work appear in a number of literary journals, websites and anthologies in Kurdish and Arabic languages which are her first and second languages. She is now busy with her first story, a novel, and a third book of poetry.
    She received an associates degree in English from Duhok, Iraq. She taught English for three years before she left home in 1996. Gulnar received an associates degree from Bunker Hill Community College in 2009. She currently is working on her bachelors degree in art. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines in Kurdish and extensively on the Internet.
    She has been listed as one of the top Kurdish women's voices in modern Kurdish poetry. Her poems have a romantic power. She uses a clean and pure vocabulary.


    These are poems of exile, torn from the soil of the author's native Kurdistan. They are poems of the human spirit orphaned. They demand of the reader the care and compassion any orphan requires to retain hope and nurture the promise of return.
    —T. Michael Sullivan, Director William Joiner Center's Writers' Workshop

    Gulnar's poetry speaks in English the language of her native Kurdistan. The mountains, streams, and valleys are both harsh and sensitive barriers in the mist. The ever present partridge reminds us of the country's beauty and beyond them and before them lies its sadness. Gulnar Ali Balata is a wonderful poet whom it has been my great pleasure to work with for the past several years watching her adapt her Kurdish and Arabic poetry to English.
    —Tom Hooper, Bunker Hill, Community College


    My soul still a virgin

    The night holds its wings
    Over the side of my expecting heart,
    leaving wilted roses dew
    on the morning star's face
    smiling for the coming morning
    that follows gulls' cheers.

    Tears of the sky
    Flow for the grief of the night
    And the vanquished body
    hiding in the corner of the wilderness
    Picks up his broken pieces
    And what's left of his tears
    To seek new.

    Preoccupied in abhorrent life
    the maiden spirit with
    its portable undying thirst,
    its mystery of existence
    and sense of its freedom of dreams and hope
    remain after the confiscation of
    waking up in the dewy morning,
    Overlooking from the longing window
    The chirping of birds.

    Three-colored autumn leaves
    Squeezed with tears of grief last night
    Despite struggling with the wind
    Despite the rain
    Adhering with tears on my car window
    Smile on my face
    Penetrate my skin
    Dancing with Nightingale's music

    Sorrows of the body's reeling roar;
    and the Spirit is still a virgin
    which Lies on the lips of glamour
    Calling the Moon
    Waiting for the morning star.

    38 Pages

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    My Soul Still A Virgin



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