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    Gloria Mindock
    Jul 10, 03:09pm

    Cervena Barva Press Announces a New Chapbook
    "The Land of the Four Rivers"
    My Experience as a US Peace Corps
    Volunteer in Armenia (2006-2008)
    by Matthew A. Hamilton

    Matthew is an MFA candidate at Fairfield University and a poetry reader for Mason’s Road and Drunken Boat. Prior to graduate school, he served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia (2006-2008) and the Philippines (2008-2010). He is also a former Legislative Assistant on Capitol Hill and a Benedictine Monk.

    A 1999 graduate of Belmont Abbey College (BA History) Matthew is currently the librarian at Benedictine College Preparatory, an all-male, Catholic military high school. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

    $7.00 | 42 Pages

    Order online at http://www.thelostbookshelf.com/cervenabooks.html

    The Land of the Four Rivers



    Send check or money order payable to:
    Cervena Barva Press
    P.O. Box 440357,
    W. Somerville, MA 02144-3222
    e-mail: editor@cervenabarvapress.com

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