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    Ann Wahlman
    Sep 10, 04:35pm

    Looks like we've got a bunch of Baltimore writers--I'm glad to see you've all joined. I created this group because I wanted an open Baltimore group where anyone could join, so it's good to see we've got some interest.

    I have been swamped with grad school over the summer semester and now I'm heading into the fall semester, but I hope to be on Fictionaut a bit more in the coming weeks. I see we have some pieces that have been sent to the group and I'm hoping to get some time to read and comment on them this weekend!

    A little about me:

    I've lived in the Baltimore/Washington area for the last seventeen years, and I've been in Baltimore proper for the last eight and a half. I'm a student at Johns Hopkins in the MA in Writing program. I've been published recently at <a href="http://www.bluestemmagazine.com/?page_id=1040">Bluestem Magazine</a>, and have a piece that will be coming out in Gargoyle someday--hopefully next summer. I write mostly short stories, but I'm about a third of the way through my first serious novel. My short stories tend to focus on character psychology and are usually dark--sometimes literary, sometimes experimental, always whatever happens to be in my head at the moment. My novel is a magic realist/Armageddon/speculative piece that's mainly for fun.

    Feel free to introduce yourself to the group here, if you haven't already!

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