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    James Lloyd Davis
    Sep 03, 10:35pm

    'Cause I was born there and this story is about a city just a bit older than you guys might remember, I'm posting it here.

    My Mom was a Baltimorean and her father was a fireman there most of his adult life, a veteran of the Great Baltimore Fire for which he got quite a fancy medal and a picture on the front page of the paper. He died when I was just a kid, but his funeral was a major event, longest procession of cars I ever saw, attended by both the mayor of Baltimore, the governor of Maryland and every politico in town. He knew everybody. I just remember him as a quiet, pleasant man. Irish, a Mason and a member of the Fraternal Order of the Moose, whatever that was. All that I know of him, I found in a trunk in our attic.

    I do remember a lot of stories about the city, the people, being Irish and Catholic.

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    Ann Wahlman
    Sep 10, 04:37pm

    Welcome, James! I'm looking forward to reading the pieces you've posted. It sounds like you have a rich history with Baltimore!

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