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    See ya
    Sep 07, 03:06pm

    Welcome to those of you who are here at the A-Minor group. I greatly appreciate your interest. There's already some fine stories here, both those that have been featured at A-Minor and others that have been graciously shared.

    Again, welcome, and thanks. If I could fix you some soup beans, pork chops and buttermilk cornbread, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

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    Michael J. Solender
    Sep 07, 03:08pm

    fatback and collards too? I'm coming on down..

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    Cynthia Hawkins
    Sep 07, 03:29pm

    Sheldon! I'm sort of a Fictionaut-newbie (Fictionewbie?), so I don't know group etiquette. It's okay to send stories that haven't appeared in A-Minor, yeah? No idea. You can just yell at me if I ever misstep. LIKE THIS.

    Pie and coffee as well?


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    See ya
    Sep 07, 04:13pm

    Send and share whatever you'd like, Cynthia. I think I speak for most people if not all of us here that reading and writing and sharing is what it's about in the end.

    Oh, and pie and coffee...gotcha. Good idea.

    And, Michael, fatback and collards. Not a problem.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Sep 07, 04:45pm

    Fatback and collards'll kill ya'. Stories won't. Pie and coffee is good. Got a smoke?

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