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    Julie Innis
    May 03, 01:07am

    But very happy to show my support for the work of the other amazing writers here. Meg Pokrass, James Robison, Ms. Hempel - you've set the bar high and this grateful reader thanks you.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    May 03, 02:04am

    I'm surely not worthy, but I joined so I'd have a front row seat for the really good stuff I might have missed.

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    Meg Pokrass
    May 03, 03:37pm

    Yes, Julie - but you know, we are sitting on this peak and trying to breathe, so here we are and it is kinda weird. I really think this group is kinda silly but I made it one night and here it is! And we are here! Jim I am so damn glad you are here, you belong here in fact we all do for doing what we love. Silly group!

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    May 04, 01:11am

    I am worthy so where are my goddamn 50 faves????? I will sit here on the peak with you 50ers and pray and chant and meditate and fast and excoriate and forgive. Maybe, then, I will recieve the blessed number: 50.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    May 04, 05:32pm

    Yes, Susan, you are truly worthy ... and ... humble.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    May 05, 12:53am

    I AM humble, Jim Davis. You nailed my personality. I think I should get the 50 just for my humbleness. You know, a special award like they give at the Academy Awards: a lifetime acheivement award. Only for humbleness, in my case. I will stumble onto the stage to recieve my award, all humble and stumbling...

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    James Lloyd Davis
    May 05, 01:47am

    ... or Miss Congeniality?

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    May 05, 04:24pm

    OH, me likeee, as they used to say on Sex in the City. Yes, MS. Congeniality...
    You are, ahem, a little behind the times (by about 40 years).
    Remember the WOMENS MOVEMENT????????
    Miss is pracically Victorian.
    But I will forgive you this lapse...

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    Jim V
    May 26, 07:50am

    I joined because I'm delusional.

  • Img_0654-2.thumb
    MaryAnne Kolton
    Jun 09, 08:57pm

    Not a snowball's chance in hell. I can only hope that the brilliant, talented, multi-genre, esoteric James Lloyd Davis allows me to share a tiny corner in the light of fabulousness that engulfs him wherever he goes. . . .

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 21, 01:11pm

    I'm still not worthy, but what the hell.

  • Img_1307.thumb
    James Lloyd Davis
    Jul 22, 05:08pm

    What did MaryAnne mean by that "light of fabulousness that engulfs him ..."?
    Is that sarcasm?

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