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    Walter Bjorkman
    May 01, 07:33pm

    After all, his stories need company, so it is up to those of you who frequent this chicken shack to dish out the freeing gravy. You can always hope for what we call here a 'Read Rooster', a fav administered while found in another group, or someone reading from your bibliographie.

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    Matthew A. Hamilton
    May 02, 04:53am

    This is a great idea, Mr. Bjorkman. I'm going to send my story, "Hope in the Shebelle." You read it and gave it a good review. I'm not necessarily looking for favs, just honest opinions about my work. If I'm going to be a good writer, I need good editors/reviewers, no? Don't we all?

    Again, thank you for this group. I promise to read one, maybe two stories a week.

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    Walter Bjorkman
    May 02, 07:19am

    Any one that calls me Mr. Bjorkman will have their work summarily ousted. And you will be forced to sit in a closet for 24 hrs with nothing but ABBA music piped in and ants put in your pants.

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