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    Walter Bjorkman
    May 01, 12:37pm

    Welcome all. I invited many of my contacts to this group, not that any of them will need to employ it, so that we do not feel all alone. This is a last opportunity for the wonderful gem you wrote, that others just don't get. I have set the bar low, so if sister Tillie gave you a sympathy fav, too bad.

    Perhaps, you say to yourself, all the good writers passed out drunk that day you posted, and only idiots were online.

    I may in the future introduce a topic to intentionally write something bad. I don't need to set out doing that, it comes naturally.(I am not trying to upstage Mr. Hinton, notorious for lying about his bad writing, in reverse). But for now, the only condition is that the piece is not on the main f'naut page.

    Lay 'em on us, if you got 'em.

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