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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 13, 03:52am

    i joined fictionaut about a month ago, and am still amazed by the community and the texts, and the interaction the page invites. last weekend, i posted a poem here - and then seeing it in layout, i realized it's not all finished. my first thought was to remove it again, but then i went ahead and added a second version, and added a comment to invite feedback, which then lead to a fabulous mini-workshop. (here the text page:

    this now made me wonder: would it be an idea to add a "work in progress" button for texts, so that readers who are in the mood for some word work can see where their help is invited / wanted?

    just an idea.

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 13, 06:57am

    Hi Dorothee. There's The Workshop Group that looks like it was formed for just this purpose, but I don't think many folks are aware of it. I think your idea of making it obvious on a piece that input is welcome is a great idea. That also eliminates the embarrassment of someone giving unwanted critique, or what's probably happening on many works, people just read and don't comment because they don't wish to offend.

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Nov 13, 12:31pm

    Right -- a group would make the most sense for this. Someone else just asked a very similar question, so it sounds like there's demand. I set up a workshop group ( but it hasn't really taken off -- maybe it didn't need the "rule" about commenting on two stories, I don't know. If you like, feel free, of course, to start something new as a go-to place for writers looking for critiques.

    In addition to the groups, you could use the author's note and a "work-in-progress" tag to identify the story as such.

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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 15, 04:38am

    thanks for the link to the workshop group. strange that the group hasn't picked up. maybe it's too many steps to take for a quick feedback - to find the group, then to post the story in the group, maybe add a note, and to read through 2 stories and comment? not sure.

    about the tag -- that's another question i had: is there a search button that allows a tag search? i looked for it, but i only see the "Search text of all stories" button - and this doesn't seem to include tags (?).

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Nov 15, 01:16pm

    Right, the tags could use a lot of improvement, and there's currently no way to search them. I'll bump that up on our to do list.

    Maybe the workshop group doesn't need the "comment on two stories" rule -- it was an idea I got from Zoe. I'll take it off. I'd also be happy to make some more people admins in that group. Let me know if you'd like to be in charge! (Your first responsibility would be to find a better group image.)

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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 16, 01:09pm

    hi Jürgen ~ that would great, if the tags would turn searchable.

    and thanks for the offer: yes, i would be happy to function as co-admin of the workshop group.

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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 19, 03:14pm

    a short update on "The Workshop":

    i am now in the process of adjusting the group a bit, the main idea is to add an extra group: "The Hidden Workshop", which will be private, so that texts can be added and 'workshopped' without having to put them openly online.

    both groups are functioning already, but both still can use a bit of fine tuning and checking, to make sure things are working properly. that's what is happening right now, together with the first text work.

    i will announce the relaunched Workshop in a couple of days, if you want to join the place now already, you are welcome ~ just leave a note in the "Doormat" thread of "The Workshop", and you will receive an invite.

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    Lynda Montgomery
    Nov 20, 05:57am

    thanks Dorothee -
    I have been in the gang of folks wondering, wandering about in fictionaut for a works-in-progress group

    you also might want to connect with Tony Hightower (he was in a previous discussion on the matter) - and started a group called Works-in-progress (a private group as well)

    I am in the group, but somehow can't gain access to the one story posted there...

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    Tony Hightower
    Nov 20, 01:52pm

    I'm glad this discussion is continuing (I've been away the last couple of days), and it looks like eventually, all these half-connected ideas are going to coalesce into a proper workable group that will serve this purpose. Certainly, it would get me to post & read more stuff and interact with all of youse.

    I'm happy to help out with it, but maybe it's best if I'm not the only one, and certainly I'm happy to just be a participant in it.

    Jurgen and Dorothee, I'm glad you're on the case with this.

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    Tim Jones-Yelvington
    Dec 07, 01:39pm

    I would like to join the hidden workshop.


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    Dorothee Lang
    Dec 09, 06:24am

    Hi Tim, check messages, i just sent an invite your way!

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