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    H-M Brown
    Nov 02, 05:59am

    If anybody here understands the rules to Fictionaut, I was wondering if posting a story in here while that same story has been Submitted to a Publishing Company like Asimov's Science Fiction and Fact, counts as Simultaneous Submission and would risk my story being rejected by the Publisher because I posted my stories here in Fictionaut?

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    Andrew Bowen
    Nov 02, 10:00am

    I don't think they'd consider it a sim-sub, but if you look on the submission section of most mags, they are asking to see fresh material that hasn't been posted everywhere. I would think about posting stories on here after they've published elsewhere.

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    H-M Brown
    Nov 02, 05:50pm

    Thank you for your help. I'll definately will wait before I post up a story that is had been submitted to a publisher.

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