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    Funniest book of the year, if not decade or century.

    Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2023 I must applaud you, Mr. McGrouchpants Jr., on this book, which had me laughing from the copyright page on right up until the blank pages after the end of the book, when I was still laughing. Not only is the book written in a unique way I've never personally seen before, but the wit and humor roll to a steady boil and basically stays right there throughout. The only complaint I can possibly lodge here, Mr. McGrouchpants( can I call you Smiley? Thanks!), I mean is far too short. I am going to start the bandwagon for insisting on at least three sequels of equal or greater length. It's almost a tease at 97 pages. It is a tease, Smiley! You must give us more. To get real here, I recommend this book highly, more highly than I've ever recommended anything except maybe that pacemaker for my aunt. Read this book. Enjoy this book(it's super easy). Tell your friends. Repeat.
    On Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.'s 'The Nova Police vs. The Buckleys,' available HERE:

    (DON'T TELL ME GOODREADS GIVEAWAYS DON'T *WORK* ... !!! I just forgot to check it. Since *August* ... ulp ... )

    Oh well.

    Better late than never ... !!!




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