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    Mar 27, 08:49am

    Not in the path of direct totality for the cosmic event of 8 April? No problem! (as long as the satellites are working that day)

    By visiting the Natl. Hurricane Cntr. satellite site

    in the short afternoon hours following the eclipse that day, you'll be able to see (from the perspective however many miles up that the NHC bird is flying) the path of totality as the moon's shadow races across the surface of the planet below.

    In the lower right corner where the header "US East Coast/Gulf of Mexico" appears, click on the blue-lit link "GeoColor - Loop". Once the event has occurred, you'll be able to watch the loop over and over (unless/until the site crashes) and see the smudge of shadow cross the face of the planet (if you prefer or in addition, you can view single-shot/freeze frame images at the appropriate link).

    This mediated perspective is somewhat safer for your eyes (unless you have a telescopic solar lens to peek through), plus the satellite view of the Earth beneath the eclipse path is impressive itself.

    Happy (and safe) viewing!

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    Mar 27, 08:54am

    (Nota bene: the loop sequence is viewed by clicking on "Loop" specifically: for the single-shot/freeze frame images, click on "GeoColor" specifically.)

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    Apr 08, 05:57pm

    The NHC satellite photography is "live" with the eclipse as of 12:55 CT.


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