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    ... like Colin POWELL was, at the U.N., or the guys at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost ARK' were when they told him the Ark was being looked at by "top men." "Yeah but — " Indy says. "Top. Men!" (pipe in MOUTH)

    "But we're hearing signals through the noise that al Qaeda's PLANNING something — "
    "That's okay."
    "No, but REALLY — "
    "That's *okay*. (pause) Next order of business?"

    And so, he writes a book about 'How Your Country FAILED You' — but he knows why. Everyone knew who Osama bin Laden was, he was a charismatic figure a billionaire's son — a billionaire, himself? — and he wasn't a "minnow," or "worth going after." Everybody knew who he was. The *Clintons* knew. All these people know who everybody is.

    So they were just waiting for an opportunity.

    The opportunity, of course, was for more *billable HOURS*: the prison-industrial complex, you see, creeps along so very slowly, the problem with it being, all these Black people they throw in there have these pesky problems like SSN's and First-World identities. Third-World Muslims present *no* such problems. In fact, we're not even looking for somebody! We know it was Osama bin Laden and a few dozen others. On top of that, without a nation-state to declare in, this could go on indefinitely! The thing with a war declared against a discrete nation-state, like Holland or France or Japan or Finland, is that you *have to stop and START* at a certain point. Not so with Third-World Muslims! Particularly since, no matter what they say — and despite the occasional brilliant ones, who have academic reputations and can have people pull them out via lawyers, and vouch for them — most Americans can't relate to them for three (3) reasons:

    (1.) No "Black Friday." This is a Judeo-Christian culture, and the day after Thanksgiving is the day most store-owners rely on to stay "in the black" because the stores are thronged with people full of tryptophan and full-bellied Turkey and cranberry-sauce satisfaction, who hit the malls and stores to ... buy Christmas presents. Christmas process New Year's, too. Adam SANDLER wrote "The Hannukah SONG" and performed it on SNL so Jewish kids wouldn't feel so bad about Christmas. This is pro- or contra-Christmas. It's how we arrange our school year, work breaks, etc. The Muslims don't know what we're talking about. And this makes us not like them.
    (2.) Whether we're sexist pigs prone to hooting at them as they walk down the street and prone to visiting strip clubs a lot more than usual (whatever THAT mean ... ), or alterna-"indie"-shoegaze types who genuinely *like* women, we generally like to see them out and about, walking around. They hide them in burkas, and keep them at home. This bugs us, and alienated us, and makes us feel *mad* in ways that have to do with simultaneous conflicts from desire for/ABOUT women, as listed above. It doesn't help. (Who do think they *are* ... "Eve"?? etc. ;) )


    (3.) There are tons and tons of people in Bangkok, New Delhi, and other places, who are *not like the people in Canada or Denmark or Sweden*. They are suspicious of outsiders, hostile, jumpy, and not very sophisticated — this is what "Third World" means. These are the people being beaten senseless to give bad testimony to bring in more people, to be beaten senseless to give bad testimony to bring in yet still *more* people, etc. Which is pretty funny, because we know it was done by Osama bin Laden and a few dozen people — they said so. So then once in a while someone gets a lawyer and were like, "fine, fine ... who cares ANYWAY!!!" and he (most likely a "he") is released because fine, we got tons more where *that* came from.

    This is Blackwater. This is more guards for more prisons means one or *two* or those guards gets a supervisory position, which means more money for everybody.

    This is "disaster capitalism." This is just what Naomi KLEIN said it was — and she lives in CANADA, Natch.!

    Here, we don't think that Bush/Cheney are Gods, and that they live while the rest of us die. But Bush Jr. isn't a former President's son — he's *Ronald REAGAN'S vice-PRESIDENT'S* son. You can't change that shit, or turn it in — it's gold.

    Probably they were planning this from the election, from the Scalia-led "Get over it!"[*] 5-4 decision, from the protests feigned and with people flown down there while Al GORE hemmed and hawed (not unlike the REST of us ... ) going, "oh come on ... you MUST be kidding!" while Katherine HARRIS and Jeb BUSH did every trick in the book they could think of, just to get their boy squeezed in the door. Which they did.

    So when Richard Clark heard this bullshit, and realized LATER — of course he *knew*. Everybody *knows*.

    But he can't very well tell the general public, "There's so many people in the world, you can't *help* but hide behind others ... "

    But that's *why*.

    Disaster Capitalism is about billable hours.

    *Nothing ELSE*.

    "Why should it be ... ?? What's going to CHANGE ... ??"

    This is what a lack of a fear of nuclear war gets you, kind of. I guess.

    "Why not just MAKE MONEY from — "

    Except it's a while economy now.

    Like Klein says.

    And she's right.

    That's why you have to read that book.

    Because it's what happened.

    And you can't just reach around it, and make it mean *MORE* or *LESS* —

    You *can't*.


    [*] His quote, not mine. - ed. #HATEhim #AAAAAARGH

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    Chris Okum
    Jun 05, 04:07pm

    What American citizens will never understand is that the tools of Empire are always brought back from the periphery of Empire to be used at the center, on the citizens of Empire. But then again, us Americans, we aren't too smart.

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