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    "Isabel -- Leroy, it's ISABEL! You forgot -- you got divorced, and remarried!"
    "I *DID* ... ??"

    ANNOUNCER'S VOICE: "Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever felt like a fool, because the BITCH whom you used to SMACK AROUND got BROKE IN HALF, and you had to TRADE HER IN FOR ANOTHER MODEL??"

    (camera angle changes:) "Now, with this -- Nascar™-watcher's product, that only the best Coors™ drinker would SUBSCRIBE to ... you'll remember the TWAT that you put your COCK into -- sometimes -- with no trouble at all!

    "It's called Viagra™, and even that LIMP DICK Bob Dole VOUCHES for it -- "



    "Time Zones" by Negativland (SST Records, 1987): a stinging indictment of '80s talk radio, and also, BLOW *me* ...

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