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    "Mabel, I'm TIRED of all this tv-watching!!!"
    "Well ... why don't we buy a GOLDFISH, Leroy?? You liked to watch the LAST one swim around the TANK!!!"
    "Right -- but, those were the 25¢ goldfish, Mabel!!!"
    "You see, the thing is -- they're fer feeding to OTHER *FISH*!!! But nobody *TOLD* us, and -- "
    "Oh, yup, uh-huh!!!"
    " -- they just DIE on you, and float BELLY-UP, in a COUPLE OF DAYS!!!"
    "Life sure is full of HEARTBREAK and *PAIN*!!!"
    " ... and MUTILATION and *TORTURE*!!!"


    "Take Advil™ — you sad-sack, son-of-a-bitch!"

    "You goddamn slime!"

    "You goddamn scum!"

    ... and now, we commence our PRAYERS!!!




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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    May 03, 03:07pm

    Why do you want to destroy Fictionaut?

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    David Ackley
    May 04, 02:41pm

    How about that, Smiley? Is this your intent, or just the unforeseen side effect? Because what's happened to the Forum at least, and Fictionaut in general is that a lot of people have bailed over the years and I'm pretty sure the stuff you write here is one of the reasons.

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