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    John Le Carré — dir. Fred SCHEPISI, with Michelle PFEIFFER, Sean CONNERY, Ken RUSSELL (acting ROLE!!!), John MAHONEY, Roy SCHEIDER (think I'm fucking KIDDING? — all are at THEIR *BEST*, too!!!), etc.

    FREE!!! w/ads. (turn the SOUND down ... and ... )





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    Chris Okum
    Mar 03, 01:06am

    Tubi's got lots of gnarly shit. I watched Tuff Turf last night. Watching James Spader serenade Kim Richards with a piano ballad (even though it's not James Spader's voice coming out of James Spader) made me wince. And then Jim Carroll shows up with Downey Jr on drums. They also have 52 Pick-Up and Illtown. Just a plethora of righteous trash. I think it's owned by Fox, though. Did you know that? It makes sense once you see how many anti-vax docs they have.

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