Forum / When I was a kid, it was Cowboys vs. Steelers, because they were the only teams that *mattered*. It was like other teams, get out of the way.

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    "Thanks for providing our mulch, so we can prove ourselves, and meet yet again!!!"

    It was like the other teams were *scrimmages*, so the Cowboys could meet up with the Steelers in the Super Bowl -- who *cared* otherwise!!!

    It's funny, that my local library had books for kids on both the Cowboys and the Steelers -- or the Jets, or whatever. Which is funny, because right away you think of Joe Namath[*]. And that was the key, the *quarterbacks*. They were phenomenal, and that was what lead a team, and so get Roger STAUBACH, on the one hand, and Terry BRADSHAW, on the other ... a suave post-Joe Namath guy with the Cowboys, clubbing and out on the town and aftershave-ads, and chaw and good ol'boys and monster-truck rallies and Burt Reynolds fans, he of the soon to star in "Smokey and the Bandit" variety.

    But that was the thing, with books: they *validated* the existence of these people. Sure, they had some for other teams -- the Minnesota Vikings, say -- but these just felt *realer*. The others didn't have as much to say, because of the ongoing rivalry. It was so *exciting*. They couldn't *lie*.

    So then the books on monsters, on "Wolfman" and "Frankenstein" and "Dracula," telling me who Lon Chaney Jr.[**] and Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi[***] was -- that stuck with me for life. So when people got into corny movies, or classic movies, and skipped over these ones, I was dismayed -- I knew all along *they EXISTED*.

    It wasn't just Beatrix POTTER and Hardy Boys™[****].


    -to Richard LINKLATER, who grew up near Dallas/HOUSTON, and Miranda JULY, who I finally got to see at the Warhol Museum when she put in an appearance at that place in the town of Pittsburgh, which it turns out isn't bad at all ... even has a nightlife!!! But I just want to bed, and drove back. The end. - ed.
    [*] " ... that sonofabitch!!!"-Erica JONG, in Chris OKUM'S "Ms. 44," read it right here on Fictionaut folks, yes strange but true were making LITERTURE here, some of it sticks in the craw for LIFE ... this, being something she muses after encountering a couple of street toughs out in the street (I think it was just two), before returning to the wine party and having another glass ... good job, Chris! I say: Good JOB!!! - ed. #sticksintheCRAW #chrisOKUM.
    [**] "I saw Lon Chaney JUNIOR walking with the Queen ... Doin' the werewolves of London ... "
    Check out "Werewolves Of London" by Warren Zevon on Amazon Music
    [***] For those of you who know the opening of Tony SCOTT'S "The HUNGER," with Susan SARANDON et. al. partaking of some lesbian vampire ACTION:
    Check out "Bela Lugosi's Dead (Official Version)" by Bauhaus on Amazon Music
    [****] "I don't know just what possessed you / If I were a cop I'd arrest you / Mom, what's going on? / I know to you, it seemed like trash / But did you have to do something quite so rash? / Dad, this is really bad / You threw out my Nancy Drew books / My model horses from Massachusetts / All my Barbies and all my Kens / My stuffed animals, my childhood friends / I had never forgotten about them / How do I get along without them? / I feel so unsteady / Oh Nancy, I miss you already ... " -- all ALONG indie music's been subject to a (predominantly-MALE) "hhrpmh ... I'll submit a REVIEW if it!!!" attitude and you people have *no idea* what's out there!!! ha-HA, I know and you *don't*!!! #blameTHEBAFFLER #killTHOMASFRANK #rollEYES
    Check out "Nancy Drew" by Tuscadero on Amazon Music
    Praise be to JESUS!


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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Feb 18, 10:37pm

    I was thinking today how your Forum posts remind me of microfiche. Do you remember microfiche? Sounds like a song title, I know. But they do.

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    Dianne McKnight-Warren
    Feb 18, 10:43pm

    I mean when it's passing in front of you fast.

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