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    "What is it ... Mabel??"
    "You aren't watching SKIN-E-MAX in there, are you ... ??" (sound of GUFFAWS, coming from the KITCHEN)
    "You know I'm not, Mabel!!!"
    "Oh, I *do*, do I ... (muttering, sound of DEEP-THROATED gargling coming from the KITCHEN)
    "Mabel?? ... What are you *doing*, in there??"
    "Nothing!" (sound of a hawked lougie, SPIT) " ... nothing at *ALL*, you see!!!"
    "No, I *don't* see -- "
    (silence REIGNS, for a BIT)
    "Wanna watch 'McNeil-Lehrer NEWS Hour'??"
    "Sure!!! Just let me get my CORNS medicine -- "

    "You'll APPLY it, won't you, Leroy??"
    (to HIMSELF:) "What a wife!!!" (louder, so she can HEAR IT:) "Yes, DEAR!!!"
    "Why thank you, honey!!!"
    "Happy VALENTINE'S Day!!!"
    "Oh my STARS -- is it ... "


    This play has been brought to you by OUR *SCHOOLKIDS*, the letter 'R' and the *number* '2'!!!


    "STAY *TUNED* -- "

    (fade OUT -- )

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