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    He said he'd never seen anyone like me in twenty years of teaching. He said, on one of my papers, "Chris, you go from strength to strength." He had only a year left to go so it was awkward for me.

    He tried to rope me into a writing tutorial, when Craig COLBERT wanted to do one, but I just couldn't do it. I need to do work and go home. It interferes with my classes.

    Also, I was into what was happening in movies and music at the time. Nothing in writing was like 'Wild at Heart' for me, or 'Doolittle' or 'Nothing's Shocking.'

    Plus, I had read my way around the horror genre growing up, and now I felt that moment was waning. Funnily enough, when Bret Easton ELLIS put out 'American PSYCHO,' I was like not interested, but I had just read that stuff all my life and left it behind.

    I read Coupland, I read Leyner, I read Coover. But it wasn't enough. You need it by the metric ton.

    What I realized was happening, though, was '2001' and 'Gravity's Rainbow' were saying: "You got a lotta nerve!" But I couldn't hear it at the time. Now I hear it: I've submitted to 'Gravity's Rainbow,' let it impose itself on me, and I've seen '2001' over and over again.

    So now I've got these seven screenplays I have to finish:

    'Leanna Gets to the Party'
    'The Slenderest Thread.'
    'The Unworried'
    'The Cavewoman'


    'Shark on the Beach'

    Hopefully I'll get to them soon. Hopefully.

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