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    So sometimes I'd do some things, like notice I was in the oncoming traffic lane, and I'd slam on the brakes, and the window would shatter because apparently I'd skidded into the guardrail and crashed the door bent. Or I'd keep checking the blind spot, keep, keep, keep CHECKING it and then I'd notice cars in my rearview mirror were starting to slow down for ME and then I'd total the car by ploughing into the car ahead of me on the inter-traffic island, containing a whole family, grandmother even, family pet, they were taking the cat or something to the animal hospital across the street, the guy hit me but then he calmed down, I guess he needed to do that to get it out of his system, maybe his car was totaled too. "What's your PROBLEM dude ... ??"

    I'd share these stories with Devon HORENSTEIN, who'd keep my at his house after we went to parties together, his mom must have kept it from my house they were picking me (and their son ... ) up completely hammered, boys will be boys, they must have taken pity on me because I didn't know who the Buckleys™ were. #tatewilliamsaintshitandheneedsthatDUMBBLONDEtoprophimselfUPwith

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