Forum / "Dick Cheney got sent to prison, and he got so much cum shot up his ass, it could probably impregnate a small NATION!!!"

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    "How ya doin', folks, I'm here all week, tip your waitress ...

    "So Bob Dole walks up to Donald Rumsfeld in Heaven and says, 'So how do you like Heaven ... ?'
    "And Rumsfeld says, 'It kinda sucks, doesn't it?? I mean, I want to get a hardon and—
    "'I need to take a *pill* to GET one!!!'" the audience shouts along with him. This is a well-known bit, referencing Bob Dole's Viagra™ commercials, after his lost big for President, and amongst the Chia Pet™ commercials, (doubtless) also aired at late-night ... You know the *deal*!!!


    "Mabel, where's the remote — Mabel??"
    "You sat on it." (pause) "Leroy." (pause)
    "Again ..."
    "Oh! This goddamned cushion in the couch ... "



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