Forum / Richard M. Nixon is the reincarnation of Ethelred the Unready[*]!

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    Something *STRANGE* going on in that office, Fund for Public Interest Research 2006 ...

    -Johnny Nixon
    - Sam Wilson-Moses, with the "hippie hyphen" (??? - he was born in 1987, or thereabouts #rollEYES )
    - Michael Ianello, pest.

    [*] For more on "Ethelred," who was "often unseated by his mount" (animals can sense fear, even HORSES -- as they say in the "MICHAEL" books, you have to blindfold horses and lead them out of a burning barn, or they'll stand there and perish from fright inappropriate #hmm #INTERESTING ) see the Chelsea Quinn Yarbo-edited (not the bullshit ripoffs -- they threatened to SUE the Quinn Yarbro group, for starting a newsletter with "information" that conflicted with their worldview "bringing us the attention that most of us [mostly, Northern California professionals -- bankers and such, physicians, museum directors, art history professors, etc. #CALIFORNIA #JENSNYDERCAPPIONESUCKSASS ] would prefer, they KNEW, to avoid ... ") "MESSAGES FROM MICHAEL" books, #1-4, "MICHAEL FOR THE MILLENIUM."

    -- it was just before social networking, and there's something about being there just before lightning strikes, just when the iron is HOT, and pulling back and saying ... "no THANKS!!!"

    How could you not, considering how you came UPON it ... ??

    And Fat Pig's not "connected" to Danika, either.





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