Forum / Ben Woodhouse presents his new band -- "The Limp-Dick Sticks!"

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    Smiley McGrouchpants Jr.
    Sep 22, 08:01pm

    "Hi-i-i-i, I'm Ben Wood-hawwwwse ... " he says, grabbing the mic like an old-school entertainer. He chews gum. CHOMP, CHOMP! There are high-schoolers, a couple kids in the audience. The stage isn't very high up. The band looks bored. Somebody coughs.

    "Yeah, well I -- "


    (old-style vaudeville HOOK comes from offstage to grab him and PULL him and ... and -- )

    END, THE

    "Hi, I'm queer -- queer as a three-dollar bill! (he laughs, as though he was DONE talking, or as though there was a JOKE and he *MADE* it and everyone *GOT* it -- ?? anyway, he GOES *ON* ... )

    "Ever drink beer? *I* have!" he says, as though he needs to answer his own question -- again, he's ignoring his own audience, who are mostly falling ASLEEP. And puppies. And crickets. And CHILDREN! Sheesh. "Boors™ is the great beer for racists -- we give a lot of money to keep black people OUT ... "


    She shuts it *OFF* ... #blacklivesMATTER #josephcoorsDOESNOT #drinkBUDWEISER ;)

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